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Questi sono sono solo alcuni dei nostri lavori

Web sites that stand out from the crowd
Siti che si fanno notare, belli da guardare e da navigare e utilizzabili su qualsiasi dispositivo, completamente responsive e sviluppati con le ultime teconologie.


Ecco alcuni dei nostri servizi

Web Design

Web Design

Sviluppiamo qualsiasi tipo di sito web seguendo con attenzione i requisiti del cliente e fornendo i giusti consigli per permettere di ottenere gli obiettivi desiderati restando nel budget dedicato al progetto.

Web & Social Marketing

Web & Social Marketing

The web is the most important communication channel thanks to the huge number of people that can reach. We can get the most out of your marketing budget by defining the right social strategy and advertisement campaigns for your business.



We help your company to open your e-Commerce virtual shop by offering the solution that best fits your business and your market.



Our graphic designers have solid experience in creating attractive design and layout for magazine, flyers and business brochure.

App Development

App Development

Our app developers are able to give life to your ideas on any mobile devices (iOS, Android, Microsft).

Hosting & Domains

Hosting & Domains

Web storage, email management, internet domains are allies for a successful web presence!

Servizi Web e Design

Who are we

Our Crazy Team

Crazy Web Studio is a team of enthusiastic programmers, creative graphics and web marketing experts who aim to build your web presence and make your business grow online.

In these years the staff of CWS received and repaid the trust of many clients. We understand that customer satisfaction and achievements were made possible only through the willingness to dialogue, flexibility, expertise and a passion for the web, social networks and the world of computing.

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Our Vision

CEO and Our Vision

Andrea Buosi

Our vision is to create beautiful websites that are easy to customize.
The client will have full access to the back-end of the website. They will be able to customize text, pictures, photos and will be able to maintain the different pages, articles, news and events. In todays world a website is a necessity for any kind of business.
It doesn’t matter if your a startup company or a large corporation, if you’re not online then you are losing potential customers.

Even though having a web presence is very important, you also need to think about how its going to look on your mobile phone and tablet. Because of the surge of mobile users, we have taken that into consideration and create websites that are fully responsive for mobile devices. We want the user to be able to enjoy the same content on a variety of different devices without compromising the user experience.

Another key marketing strategy are social media pages. We can help you implement a social media strategy that will help you connect with your customers and new potential business. Having the right tools will help your business stand out of the crowd and we can help you do that.



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